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Exhibitor Information

Check back soon for additional information for exhibitors. Below is booth pricing for the NAD Educators' Convention, as well as a diagram of the exhibit hall.


Booth Pricing

10x10’ Booth

10x10’ Premium Booth (limited number available)

10x20’ Booth

10x20’ Premium Booth (limited number available)

10x20’ Endcap booth (limited number available)

10x30’ Booth

10x40’ Booth

20x20’ Quad Booth Endcap (limited number available)

20x20’ Premium Quad Island booth (limited number available)










Download Pricing Sheet

Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Hall is located in the Phoenix Convention Center West 300 Level.

“Mark your calendars for August 7-10, 2023 as we head over to Pheonix, AZ. Come experience the culture and meet teachers from across NAD. You don’t want to miss out.”

Sherina Phillips

Associate Superintendent, Northeastern Conference

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