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About the Convention

What are the convention dates? August 7-10, 2023

Where will the registration be held? Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N. 3rd Street; Phoenix, AZ 85004

What is the theme? "Something Better"

Who is the Educators' Convention's target audience? Teachers, Administrators, Registrars, Early Childhood Directors, Counselors, Chaplains, Deans, IT, and beyond.

How many attendees are anticipated? We expect approximately 6,000 Adventist educators from across the NAD and beyond to attend the 2023 convention.

Who is sponsoring the convention? The North American Division Office of Education (NADOE) sponsors the educators' convention in collaboration with the offices of education of all nine unions and their conferences across the division.

Where can I go for more information about the 2023 Educators' Convention? Engage Snippets and the NAD Educators Convention Website


Registration and Attendees

What is the timeframe for online registration? Online registration will end July 7, 2023.

How do I register for the 2023 Convention?

  • NAD EC-12 system educators: Contact your union or local conference. They will register you and assist if you are bringing your family.
  • Retired NAD Directors/VP/Associates and Union Directors: NADOE will register you. Contact
  • Retired Union/Conference Superintendents/Associate Superintendents: the union you retired from will register you.
  • All others, contact

Are families welcome? Yes. Parents are responsible for childcare, and adults must supervise children at all times. Families can attend worship, concert, exhibits, and the three meals.

How much will the registration fee be? $160.00 per educator; $120.00 for each additional family member, and children six and under are free.  Educators outside our system or anyone who would like to attend breakouts, they would pay the full  $160.00.

What does the registration fee cover? The full registration fee covers three meals, concert, entrance to the exhibit hall, and breakouts–for educators only. Spouse/child registration does NOT include breakouts.

What is the onsite registration fee? Onsite registration fee is $300.00 for full session attendees..

Where will onsite registration be held? Phoenix Convention Center, at 100 N. 3rd Street; Phoenix, AZ 85004.

May I come if I am a retired educator? NAD will cover retired union directors/VPs for the Education Department.  Associate directors and superintendents are covered by the Union/conference they retired from. The NAD Office of Education will send out the invitation, but unions are to provide the retirees' names, addresses, phone numbers, and email.

What time will onsite registration begin? Registration will start at Noon on Monday, August 7, 2023, and end at 6:00 p.m. All educators must register with their union and pick up a name badge with a *union color-coded lanyard and promotional and giveaways. Badges are required for meals and entering the exhibit hall

*Union Colored-coded lanyards

  • AUC – Gray
  • CUC- Yellow
  • LUC – Gold
  • Mid-America – Orange
  • NAD - Tie-dye
  • NPUC – Purple
  • PUC – Navy
  • SDAC - Red
  • SUC – Green
  • SWU - Black

When is the hotel registration cutoff deadline? The negotiated rate is available up until July 14, 2023. There are no guarantees for rooms after this date.

What is the refund policy if someone cannot attend the convention? The NAD will not be refunding any registration.


Travel & Transportation

Who will cover the hotel and per diem travel expenses? Union and conferences will send you more information and details.

How much should I tip? It is important to give appropriate tips to those who make us feel comfortable. Recommend tips are as follows: Housekeeper: $2-5 (each day your room is serviced; Skycap/Bellhop: $2 first bag and $1 for each additional bag; Taxi/Uber/Lyft: 15 – 20 % of the fare; Restaurant server: 15 – 20 % of total (pre-tax).

Which airport should I fly into? Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), which is the closest to the hotel and convention center, or Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport, which is 40 minutes from the hotel and convention center.

Will there be transportation from the airport to the hotels? The primary form of transportation to all hotels from PHX is the Phoenix Valley Metro Rail.  There is no easy mass transit from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport to hotels. (More information to come.)

Is parking available at the hotels and convention center? Yes. We are still negotiating convention center prices. These are the current convention parking options. Hotel parking fees will be as noted on the hotel websites.



Who will be responsible for coordinating housing? Each union will be responsible for registration and accommodation as a block. In addition, they will assign a coordinator who will be responsible for maintaining a master list of attendees. NAD will provide a registration master template to each union.

Who will coordinate roommate assignments? All unions will coordinate roommate assignments.

May I room with someone from another union or conference? It is highly recommended that you refrain from rooming with someone from another union or conference because of the complication with billing.

What hotels will we be staying at and what are the hotel rates? The rates are between $174 - $179 except for AC Hotel which is at $169.

Note: *Breakfast included in rate  **Breakfast 50% off



  • Hyatt Regency Phoenix
  • Renaissance Phoenix Downtown


  • Hyatt Regency Phoenix


Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel


  • Sheraton Grand Phoenix


  • Hyatt Regency Phoenix


  • Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel


  • Hyatt Regency Phoenix
  • NPUC
  • Sheraton Grand Phoenix
  • AC Hotel by Marriott Phoenix Downtown


  • Sheraton Grand Phoenix
  • Courtyard Downtown Phoenix
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix Downtown
  • Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Downtown**
  • Kimpton hotel Palomar Phoenix
  • Residence Inn Phoenix*
  • Springhill Suites by Marriott
  • The Westin Phoenix Downtown


  • Sheraton Grand Phoenix
  • Courtyard Downtown Phoenix
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix Downtown*
  • Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Downtown
  • Kimpton hotel Palomar Phoenix
  • Residence Inn Phoenix*
  • Springhill Suites by Marriott
  • The Westin Phoenix Downtown


  • Sheraton Grand Phoenix


Do I need a credit card for hotel registration? All individuals must have a major credit card at the time of hotel check-in.  A debit card is acceptable, but there will be a higher $$ hold amount applied. Connect with your union coordinator if you have questions.

Will I be able to check in early? Early check-in will be based on availability.  Luggage will be checked on a complimentary basis for before check-in whose rooms aren’t available.

Will there be a place where I can leave my luggage after check-out on Thursday, August 10, 2023?  Yes, there will be a holding place for luggage.


About Meals

Does the registration fee cover all meals? The registration fee will cover three meals, lunch on Tuesday-Wednesday and Tuesday supper. All meals will be served buffet style, and we will have vegan options.

Will breakfast be included? Each attendee will be responsible for breakfast and meals, which will be available to purchase at all hotels and the food court.

Will there be restaurants near the convention center? Yes, there will be a variety of restaurants near the convention center and hotels and a food court that will open during posted hours.


Main Presenters

Who will be the keynote speaker? Dr. Carlton Byrd

Will there be a consecration service? Elder G. Alexander Bryant will be the speaker for the consecration service.

Will there be a morning devotional?  We will be blessed with a devotional message by Dr. Donnette Blake on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings 8:00–9:30 a.m.


Breakout Sessions

How many breakout sessions will there be? There will be over 200 breakouts and five sessions from Tuesday through Thursday for adults only.

Before arriving at the convention, will I be able to see the sessions I can attend? Yes. All content will be available through the Event Cadence app.  You will receive an invitation to the app closer to the convention.

How can I recommend a presenter or sign up as a presenter? Go to: Recommending presenter for the 2023 Educators' Convention.  This closes on January 6, 2023.

Is there a Preliminary Schedule of Events? Preliminary Schedule of Events


Academic Credits and/or CEUs

Can we receive academic credits?  You can receive academic credit through LaSierra University for $100.00 or Pacific Union College for $75.00 per unit.

How can I apply for CEUs? You can receive up to 20 clock hours or 2 CEUs. Contact your union registrar for assistance on how to apply for your CEUs.



Will there be Wi-Fi throughout the convention center? Yes


Emergency Information

If there is an emergency who do I contact? If you find yourself in a medical emergency situation while staying at a hotel, call 911.


Exhibit Hall

Will there be exhibits? There will be over 200 exhibitors displaying everything from classroom supplies and curriculum to technology and resources.

What time will the exhibit open?


Monday Noon - 6 p.m.

Tuesday 10:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Wednesday 10:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.


Where will the exhibit hall be located?

Exhibit Hall will be in the Phoenix Convention Center West 300 Level.


Things to Do

Where can I find recommended things to do? Look for these highlights on our convention center website.


The App

Is there an app for the convention? Yes. We are using the EventCadence App for ALL our convention information.  This includes:

  • Detailed schedule
  • Maps
  • Messaging and announcements
  • UPDATED breakout information
  • Attendees
  • Speaker information
  • Handouts for sessions
  • And MORE!

All registered attendees will receive an invitation to download the app with their registration confirmation email.


Union Coordinators

Mildred Felt—AUC

Jennifer Wakefield—CUC

Sherrie Davis—LUC

Brad Forbes—MAUC

Debbie Hendrickson—NPUC

Kim Stubbert—PUC

Kelly Sue Blake—PUC-AZ

Darne King—PUC-CCC

Ken Bullington—PUC-CCC

Georgie Sekigawa—PUC-HI

Jenell Wareham—PUC-NCC

Fernando Lista—PUC-NU

Nelly Martin—PUC-SCC

Rabel Ortiz—PUC-SECC

Brandy Perkins—SDACC

Montina DeBardeleben—SUC

Kristi Amparan—SWUC


If you have questions or comments, please email

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